Streaming Taken Further: From the Bedroom to the Patio to Everywhere
Posted by vssl, 08/28/2017 7:53 am

The vssl music system is the best for playing music at home and uninterrupted. Users who have the system can play music from a single device anywhere in the home. They simply choose the channel, choose the network where the music will come from, and start the party.

Users can have different music coming from different rooms. This is where the channel comes in. basically, users have a device. They get to select the channel, which is the music or audio that will be played. It could be as simple as a playlist on Spotify. The user then selects the network based on how it is currently set up. For example, a user may have networks called patio, garage, and living room. They can then choose the network and their chosen channel will begin to play through that network or device.

Many Streaming Services

The system works with many streaming services. There is a whole established network for Spotify called Spotify Connect. But, this is not all. Users can use Apple through the Airplay system. It includes iTunes, Pandora, Apple Music, Audible, and a few others. It even includes Tidal through a partnership with Jay Z. There is about 20 different streaming channels available on day one. Users can actually design it to play different channels through different parts of the home at the same time.


Another cool feature is that vssl also works with YouTube. Users can potentially stream YouTube content through the system. Now it is currently only set-up to include audio, but this allows for some intuitive options. YouTube is a rather dominant platform for music and it is considered a streaming service. The new YouTube Red is also a movie platform, so users can play audio from movies and audiobooks throughout the home.

YouTube has been a rather important place for music, as copyright battles have been waged right on its battleground. Millions of songs are available on YouTube, and can be streamed with ease. Movie commentary, podcasts, and many other things are uploaded to YouTube which can easily be played through the system. The fact that it goes beyond just music opens up wonderful new possibilities.



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